Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decisions or Regrets

It is a day of mixed emotions, so this blog is titled decisions or regrets. Like many of the bodybuilders and other athletes that are posted on this blog, they all made a decision to go "all-in" with their sport and competition. There are many reasons why a person goes into bodybuilding and further into competing. Some do it just to get in shape and cross and item off their bucket list. Others have made a career out of the sport of bodybuilding, and it is with those pros that I find it interesting on how critical they can be of themselves and each other. It is in the author's point of view that bodybuilders should not have regrets about competing.

So much planning, weighing, and measuring goes into contest prep that last a minute decision could cost a win or placement. Last year, a bodybuilder decided he wanted to get into a heavier class just days prior to the competition. With little time and a rapid change in his diet, his body did not have time to properly adjust to show well in the heavier class. This decision did cost this particular person a placement in the contest. Following the contest, this bodybuilder posted a video on his YouTube page, and he was full of self pity and regret. At first the video seems as if he is trying to own his last minute decision, but it does not shine through. However, should he be filled with regret, or take it has a lesson learned?

What are your thoughts on decisions and regrets? You can read another entry and story here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Suit Flash

What is it about a guy that pulls his penis through the fly to flash people. It can be hot, right?!


Great look on the face. Nice round biceps and furry pits.

What a hot image. It is enough to just want to read through the screen and feel that tight cut torso and lick his pits and body, but clearly the photo is one to draw out lust.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beefy Bate Fuel

Now this man is some stacked thick beefy muscle, for just check out his wide thick lats. I bet he has a great double bis flex/pose. I'd like to see a back shot, but oh well. He can drop the towel and give us a full view.

Beefy Bodybuilder

I only call this post "Beefy Bodybuilder" because I'm sure once this guy goes into his off season phase he is quickly back to having a big "beefy" build. He is stacked nicely. Check out how thick his arms, pecs, and legs are. He has great cuts to his abs, but even they are thick. It is all good and that is some good flexing. He has a nice heavy basket too! Do you agree or disagree?